Emotions are your friend

I have struggled with anxiety a vast majority of my life. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t experience at least some degree of it. I started seeing a counselor in the last year to work through things that have happened in my life, hopeful this would help to alleviate some of this anxious tendency that can sometimes feel controlling or crippling. We have uncovered ALOT about me and I feel lighter and happier most days – but the anxiety continues to rear its ugly head. After 6 months of this work, we decided it was time to add some medication.

I began taking an SSRI on Monday – now, understand these meds take time to build up in your system and are not immediately effective. I had an overwhelming experience with emotions yesterday – to the point I felt I couldn’t concentrate on anything, I was crying for no reason and I was overly irritable. My husband suggested I go walk around the store to give me something else to think about – get out of my head at the very least. So I took our fur babies out to go potty before leaving – and our oldest dog, in his infinite wisdom, chose this moment to chase a neighborhood dog. I was SO MAD! But I kept up with him and got him home – my sadness had gone down and my irritability at least felt justified.

I’m not suggesting you have your dog run away when your emotions are getting the better of you 🙂 but I am saying your emotions are valid, even when they don’t feel that way – and there is something to be said about getting up and focusing on something else in that moment to help process and feel those emotions. I went to the store, bought a few things and left a whole lot of emotional baggage in the aisles. The clean up crew can toss it!

More or less, I wanted to tell you that I see you, I understand the confusion of emotions for whatever reason you are experiencing them, and to know that your emotions are your friends – even when they feel weird. Take care of you and your mental health as much as your physical health – sometimes, its even more important. Find something to focus on that isn’t emotional or is an emotion you know how to control – the rest will work itself out in time.

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