Sunday’s are for God and naps

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I am a pastor – Sundays are a big day for me and my family. Its the one day of the week I don’t complain about getting up early, the one day I actually put effort into my clothing and the one day I get to for sure see those that God has called me to help lead into a relationship with Him.

While most people see Sundays as the only day pastors do work, I spend most of the week prepping my sermon, planning out my service, looking ahead for future plans, coming up with events for the church and attending ALL the meetings. So while I may not dress up during the week or wake up with an early alarm, bet that I’m still working and making sure I give all I can on Sunday 🙂

The last few weeks at church we have been focused on the Lord’s Prayer. What does each line mean, what was Jesus asking us to do when he instructed the disciples to pray these words and why are these words still so valid and powerful 2,000 years later? Well, because just like the Bible, these words are alive. They are fluid and shift into what it is that my heart and soul needs in this moment, but also what does the world around me need in this moment? There are some little words strewn throughout this prayer to remind us that we as Christians are not in this world alone – our and us. But then the words – thy and thine – to remind us that we are God’s Children, this is His creation and we are working to bring His Kingdom to Earth. There is so much more packed in this short prayer that most people know the words to, but we say it so dang fast we never pause to consider what it is that we are praying for. I encourage you to take the time to say the prayer and really meditate on what it is you are asking God for in this time, in these words. If you’re a reader, like me, I encourage you to look into “The Lord’s Prayer” by Adam Hamilton. Its an easy read and very informative.

But for now, I’ll leave you with a re-written version I came up with this week to speak words that broke it down and made it applicable for right now:

Our father – not just mine, but all your children, those before me, those after me, those I don’t know, those I dislike, each of us united through you – make your name holy through my life, my words, my actions, my choices, and through the lives of those who also call you father. Your kingdom of heaven that you have spent millenia perfecting for us, may we experience it here on Earth in the present and may we learn to live by your will that through this obedience we learn how to be in community with you and with each other through our differences and disagreements. God, may you provide for each of us the physical necessities of food and water, but also the spiritual necessities to know you, to see each other, to find community amongst the vastness of the kingdom you have created. And forgive me and my brothers and sisters for the ways in which we have wronged you and each other and ourselves, but also help me to forgive each of them in the exact same way, to the same amount, with the same grace that you have forgiven us. God, lead us in life, in the way that you would have us live, but also away from the temptations that we face in our daily lives – the big temptations and the little ones just the same – and then hold us close that we may avoid evil and the hurt that it brings to our lives, or at least make it a bit more bearable knowing we have hope in you. Because, God, all of this is yours, all of your children are yours, all of me is yours, and everything I do make it be for you, may I glorify you in my actions, my thoughts, my words, and may each of your children know that we are made in your image – fearfully and wonderfully made of love and grace and compassion and beauty and power and glory and gifts and callings that all have come from you and may we each use these to shine your light on the world around us so others may come to know you deeper than they do right now. May it be so.

How has the Lord’s Prayer shaped you in your life? Had you considered the meaning of the words before?

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