Hi. Hello. How are ya?

Hey, friend! Glad you could join me for this new adventure. I started writing a blog on my husband’s ministry site and fell deeply in love with sharing bits of my heart and mind with people – whether they read it or got anything from it 🙂 I decided this was my sign that I’m supposed to do this on my own, so here we are!

The first thing you learn when deciding to write a blog is to find a niche – food, finances, travel, how to, etc. Well – my life is a few niches jumbled together and I had to manual of how to get from point A to point B, not that you should follow my exact footsteps – but I decided documenting pieces of my life may bring you comfort, guidance, closure, giggles or reassurance. And really, just a sense of community – we are all in this crazy life together, why not try to learn from each other to better ourselves along the way?!

So – some of the areas of niche world you may find as we continue this journey together! I had gastric bypass surgery in 2018 – I have successfully lost 100 pounds since then. I gained some during Covid Quarantine a la 2020 – then learned how to refocus and lose that gain, and continue to lose! I love to lift, run and eat somewhat healthy :p I am a pastor of a small rural church – I have attended church a vast majority of my life, I knew I was called in high school but never followed through – until 2019. Its a crazy adventure – pastoring – but I love what I do and getting to bring the Good News to people in new ways and helping lead people deeper in their relationship with God. Caveat to this – I don’t think I’m better than you just because I’m a Christian or a pastor – I feel we all have things to learn from each other and enjoy discussion about almost anything. I am a wife and a stepmom to 2 boys, #boymom, and am learning how to have a healthy relationship after a toxic divorce in 2016 – so the adventure of marriage, finding myself and unlearning habits, while navigating the fun that is helping raise boys into good men! I love to cook, read, paint and dabble in other areas for about a week before I move on to another new hobby 😉

Come along for this journey of changing, growing and becoming the person you always wanted to be! And leave a comment about who you are or what you want to learn from the small info I gave or whatever you feel like leaving 🙂

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